“Boys Hope Girls Hope gave me a place to live, as opposed to crashing with my aunt and uncle,” he says. “And living with kids from so many different kinds of neighborhoods and different pasts also gave me a unique social awareness.” Being a part of Boys Hope Girls Hope provided BJ with opportunities to […]


Girls Hope of Pittsburgh alumna Caitlyn is earning her Ph.D. in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology at the University of Chicago, but she isn’t planning to go into academia. Instead, she plans to meld the writing skills she honed at Carlow University (B.A./B.S., biology/professional writing) with what she’s learning now to advocate for science…  


Hung began thinking seriously about a life of service to others in his senior year at Loyola, and upon graduation in 2006, became a Jesuit novice. He completed his novitiate in 2008, having ministered once again to immigrants at refugee resettlement agencies, homeless people and drug addicts in homeless shelters; the elderly at hospitals and […]


Jay graduated with honors from St. Ignatius, winning the prestigious Bellringer Award and the accompanying $10,000 scholarship and going on to Villanova University, where he was recognized as one of the 12 most promising minority male college students in America; he worked for both the National Hispanic Institute and the World Bank; won fellowships to […]