In celebration of National Nurses Week, Boys Hope Girls Hope reached out to a few of our many alumni throughout the Network who are nurses. These nurturing individuals have pursued a variety of specialties, but there is a common thread among them all—recognizing the vulnerabilities of people in their surroundings. They all grew up feeling the pull and need to step into those gaps and care for others as they moved forward in their careers. They are the epitome of living out the Boys Hope Girls Hope mission of being persons for others.

I enjoy interacting with my patients and their families. I also love the teamwork dynamic I have at my workplace.

My Gno, an alumna of the New Orleans affiliate, studied at LSU Health New Orleans School of Nursing and is now working as a registered nurse (RN) specializing in angiography.

When asking My about working as a nurse in today’s climate, she notes, “It is challenging but rewarding at the same time. Healthcare is facing a new pandemic that challenges everyone mentally and physically, but we are here for each other.”

“I work with a team that specializes in providing care for patients that need radiology treatment. My role as a nurse is to prep the patient and be an advocate for them. I assist the physician, administer required medications, and monitor the patient during a procedure.”

A team player who always keeps others in mind, My sends an important and clear reminder to all nurses: “You are never alone.”